Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, 2014

The conference includes two panels addressing the comparative history of archives (#211 and #236), organized by Randy Head with assistance from Scott Taylor.

Here are the details!

211. Comparative Archival Histories in the Early Modern World I: The State in the Archive ACP, Bourbon

Organizer: Randolph C. Head, University of California, Riverside

Chair: Megan Williams, University of Groningen

Financial Regularization, State Formation and Archival Disarray: The Lille Chambre des Comptes and Its Archive, 1473–1667

Ron Makleff (University of California, Berkeley)

The Uses of Archival Management in Axel Oxenstierna’s Statecraft

Erik Thomson (University of Manitoba)

Creating a Site of State Memory: The Dépôt de la Guerre

Robert Fulton (Northern Illinois University)

 236. Comparative Archival Histories in the Early Modern World II: Meaningful Spaces

ACP, Bourbon

Organizers: Randolph C. Head, University of California, Riverside, and Scott K. Taylor, University of Kentucky

Chair: Charles D. Gunnoe, Aquinas College

Defining the Contours of European Archivality from von Ramingen to Mabillon: The Conundrum of Proof and Information

Randolph C. Head (University of California, Riverside)

Rat-Traps in the Registratur: the Material Furnishings of an Early Modern Habsburg Chancellery Archive

Megan Williams (University of Groningen)

Das Frauenzimmer vs. the Harem: Gender and Practices of Power at the Early Modern Court in Germany and Persia

Regine Maritz (University of Cambridge)

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